CHARLOTTE, N.C. Fire officials said one man has died in an apartment fire in south Charlotte Monday evening.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police said Thomas Burgess, 55, died in the fire. The fire broke out around 7 p.m. at 1142 Queens Road.

Neighbors tell NewsChannel 36, their neighbor had several items inside his home. One of the neighbors triedtoalert the man, but was unable toget inside the home.

Another neighbor said the Burgess had lived in the condo for more than 16 years; and added the victim's mother lived there with him until her recent death.Residents said he kept to himself and was widely regarded as a hoarder.

Charlotte Firefighters said debris inside the home made it difficult to get inside the unit. The victim's body was discovered during a second sweep of the apartment. Firefighters used snow shovels to remove some of that debris during the clean-up process.

Police confirmed to NewsChannel 36 Burgess was pronounced dead on scene.

Officials believedthefire caused$50-100,000 worth of damage.A resident in one additional unit was displaced,butfirefighters said that personwas staying with friends.

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