CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Good Tuesday Everybody!

Wow, remind me not to hit up a restaurant near the mall for dinner the night after Christmas. The Mexican restaurant I went to was so packed, we waited for 45 minutes just to get seated everyone was out and about trying to return things or score some deals.

We start today with an offer we ve seen in the past but is very helpful for if you re going to be traveling and need a travel-sized toothpaste. Check out this $1 off coupon for Aquafresh Extreme Clean.

Since there s no size restriction, you can buy the smallest tubes available, which are usually 99 cents at Target or Walmart.

If you got a Kindle for Christmas or for the holidays, check out this free e-book of chili recipes. It s a $2.99 value.

To combat dry winter skin, Eucerin has free samples of their creams/skincare products here.

Lastly, if you ve got some time, check out a Blockbuster movie rental kiosk/vending machine to get a free rental through Thursday using the code: DOLLARMOVIE. Just make sure to return the DVD on time or pay late dues! Click this link to get locations nearest you:

Enjoy the offers, and remember they go quickly and are subject to change at any time.

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