GASTONIA, N.C. -- The response to a school lockdown in Gastonia is why police and school officials say the district ranks as one of the safest in the state.

According to the School Crime and Violence Report issued by the state, Gaston County Schools incidents of violence in all grades decreased from 5.07 percent to 4.11 percent over the last two school years.

That ranking is the best among the top 10 largest districts in the state and is based upon the number of incidents per 1,000 students. Gaston County Schools is the ninth largest in the state.

Hunter Huss High School ended up on lockdown after someone made an anonymous call Friday morning stating someone would be attacked with a knife.

It was crazy, a student said. Rumors were going around everywhere.

The school, the district and local police jumped into action. Police searched 900 students with metal detectors and teachers went through book bags.

They had random searches in every classroom. They made us take off our shoes because different people might have had stuff in their shoes, said student Jeremiah Hamilton.

There were a good bit of cops and police dogs here, said student Brian Wentz.

Police didn't find a knife and no one was attacked.

They did find a loaded BB gun, which police say looked like a real gun, and officers arrested a 17-year-old.

It was just a BB gun. I saw him take it out of his locker and everything, said student Greg Melton.

Police also cited a 15-year-old for having marijuana.

The district and police say a working relationship second to none, plus hard work and ongoing training is why the crime numbers are down.

This is a partnership that has been in place for several years now and we're reaping the benefits from it, said Bonnie Reidy with Gaston County Schools.

As long as they keep it under control like they're doing now I think it will just keep getting better, said parent Jada Lemons.

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