CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Tornado cleanup enters its fourth day and is expected to go several more, according to volunteers helping victims.

It's a monumental job, said Hickory Grove Baptist Church Senior Pastor Clint Pressley.

Pressley is a member of the NC Baptist Men organization, which helps victims deal with disasters.

Tuesday s job was their biggest yet from Saturday s tornado. It included cutting down and removing countless trees from the same lot on Plaza Road Extension.

It will take a couple of days to clear this out with 25 people working non-stop, Pressley said. Here's a mission three or four miles from our church, so it's a great opportunity to serve the Lord.

John Austin is helping with tree removal as well. His first job was removing the trees which fell on his house Saturday. He s been cutting trees on other people s property since then.

At least eight to nine hours a day ever since Saturday, Austin said.

It's not easy work. The logs are heavy and cutting trees is dangerous work.

If the homeowner had to pay a tree removal company, experts say it would cost $10,000-$15,000 easy.

That's not our intent, so save people money. Our intent is to put feet to the Gospel, said Pressley.

His feet rested for an hour lunch break and then it was right back to work.

Go as long as people need us to do it, said Pressley.

Seeing the people and how happy they are that someone is willing to help them because they look just like I felt. I felt helpless because you can't do this all by yourself, Austin said.

The property owner calls the volunteers a Godsend.

As the NC Baptist Men wrapped up for the day, they realized they are running into a problem.

Their chain saws are breaking or getting so dull from all the use that they can t sharpen them to be effective. They are asking for chain saw donations.

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