HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. -- The Huntersville Police Department SWAT Team was involved in a standoff with an 18-year-old man Thursday morning in the quiet Huntington Green community off Lakehaven Drive.

Officers say that Kendall Surles assaulted his girlfriend and threatened her family. They escaped the home Thursday morning and called 911.

She had been assaulted. He made threats to her when she left. We arrived about the same time as she left and (he) barricaded himself in the house, said Captain Barry Graham.

Graham added that Surles threatened to harm himself and any officer as well as burn the house down.

Betty Mills, a next door neighbor, was around when they tried to talk him out.

For two hours we were over here and we (saw) a couple of cops. They called the guy out and nobody ever told us anything, said Mills.

Police eventually evacuated Mills and another neighbor.

Officers decided to use tear gas on Surles when it became obvious they could not talk him out.

Which is a non-lethal type of thing to help irritate the breathing of the suspect...he did not come out (and) officers had to breach the door and go inside, said Capt. Graham.

Capt. Graham said that Surles was not armed. He will face domestic violence and other charges.

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