CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- On the night Robert Kingston died, a distraught motorist outside Ed s Tavern told a 911 operator: Oh my God. What just happened to me? I just ran over someone on Park Road. He just ran out right in front of me.

You hit a pedestrian? the 911 operator asks.

Yeah. He ran out right in front of me.

In dramatic 911 audiotapes released today, the motorist recounts his ordeal on the night of March 3, and a few minutes later another caller talks to an operator while chasing suspect Kenan Gay through the streets of Dilworth.

In the first tape, an operator asks the motorist to stay on the line for Medic, and the motorist can be heard talking with someone in the background: I m calling 911, the motorist says. I was driving my car and he ran out right in front of me.

Somebody pushed him in the road, a man tells the motorist.

Oh ... my ...God, the motorist says. You have to be kidding me. My heart is racing right now.

Hello? The Medic operator interrupts and asks the motorist for the address. He tells her, then adds: I was driving out Park Road and apparently these guys are telling me now that somebody pushed this guy out in the road and it was right in front of me.

Kingston, 30, died that night in the middle of Park Road. Whether he was pushed in front of the BMW, or ran out into the street on his own, is central to the second-degree murder case against Gay, a Charlotte law student who is out of jail on $100,000 bond.

The two men didn t know each other, but both were drinking at Ed s Tavern that Saturday night after the Carolina-Duke basketball game.

Police say Gay, 23, pushed Kingston into the street after an altercation inside the bar around 10:45 p.m. Gay s attorneys say there was no fight in the bar. They say Gay pushed Kingston outside the bar because Kingston grabbed Gay s girlfriend by the buttocks and tried to kiss her on the mouth. They claim Kingston was intoxicated and stumbled into the street in front of the car.

The motorist, who was not charged, was driving south on Park Road when he hit Kingston. He stopped and called 911; Gay ran away.

In another call to 911, an out-of-breath man talks with an operator while chasing Gay: I m at 1921 something, I don t know what street, the caller says, and he s hiding somewhere under the houses here.

Panting for breath, the caller says he s about two blocks from the tavern. I was on the sidewalk running. I couldn t keep up with him. I lost him. He went behind one of these houses.

A few moments later, the caller shouts: There he is! 1921. He s running through.

The caller can then be heard saying, Turn yourself in, you dumb ass! The caller tells the operator he s in an alleyway, then suddenly yells, I got him! I got him!

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