SALISBURY, N.C. -- Thousands of kids ride the bus to and from school every day, but shocking video shows many people still don't stop when a bus has it's stop arm out.

One local county has new technology that catches violators in the act.

It's unbelievable, it's a little scary when you stop and think about it, said Judy Burris, Director of Transportation with Rowan County Salisbury Schools.

And it's even scarier when you actually see it. Shocking video caught a car drive right past the stopped school bus and just seconds later a child crosses the road.

There's not a single part of this bus, inside or outside that's not covered, said Tim Beck, Rowan County Transportation Supervisor.

The shocking video was taken with new cameras on a Rowan County bus. They were selected to have two buses equipped with seven cameras as part of a statewide Stop Arm Violations program.

As the violator s car passes by, the cameras catch not only the outside of the car but also the tag and the identity of the driver. Parents love the new technology.

I think that if people believe they are being watched, then it will deter them from making that quick decisive decision to do something dumb, said parent Melly Bosch.

Law enforcement says they now have solid proof to convict.

Most people do deny it at first. You show them the pictures, and one woman actually cried, said Officer Daniel Fleming with the Salisbury Police Department.

Transportation authorities say they're hoping it will help not just convict after the fact, but prevent it before it happens.

If you are questioning yourself as to whether you should stop or not, stop, just stop, added Burris.

In just six months, transportation authorities wrote 10 violations for the two buses. Each bus cost $4,000 to equip, so they're applying for a grant, hoping to put cameras on 10 more of their buses in the near future.

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