CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Gary Waters couldn t be happier about his new grass. It s progress, something he s been waiting to have for five years.

Gary s problem on Bramble Place began in 2007 when the City of Charlotte began paving and repaving Bramble Place. The layers of road piled up so high, they began to overshoot the gutters, which were supposed to collect the rain water and channel it to the storm drain.

Because Waters driveway sits at the lowest point on the cul-de-sac, the water gushed right down his driveway and took most of it to a nearby creek.

Over the years, Waters has documented the torrents of water that flowed down his driveway every time Mother Nature doled out a good gully washer.

On a good rain, we can get three to four inches of water coming down here, no kidding--whitecaps, it just rolls down there, Waters said.

Waters would replace the washed out driveway with rock and shell, but the next good rain, washed that away, too.

Two weeks ago the City of Charlotte fixed the gutters by raising them and will soon mill down the street to make it lower. But first on the list of jobs will be replacing Waters driveway.

A city engineer said they are just working out the details and the timing of getting it done.

I m just terribly appreciative of what WCNC has done to help resolve this issue, Waters added.

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