CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Charlotte-Mecklenburg police say a medical emergency was behind an accident involving two CMS school buses and a car.

The incident occurred around 9:30 Monday morning at the intersection of Ballantyne Commons Parkway and Old Lancaster Highway.

I'm pretty sure my car is totaled, but I m thankful that everybody is ok, said Kirstin Bradshaw, the driver of the car.

Bradshaw said she was turning left at the intersection when she was hit. Police say about the same time Judy Scott, a 68-year-old bus driver, suffered a seizure or medical emergency and lost control of her bus.

The bus swerved down Old Lancaster Highway heading towards Pineville and plowed into another bus that had stopped for the light. The collision was so hard it forced the second bus into the intersection and totaled Bradshaw s car.

I can't tell you what it feels like to see a big yellow school bus coming right at you and luckily it just missed my driver s side door, said Bradshaw.

Police believe had the stopped school bus not been there this could have been a fatal accident.

Fortunately there were no kids on either bus.

That didn t stop parents at Hawk Ridge Elementary School from being concerned. It s one of five schools that Scott drives for.

Nannette Norton questioned whether all drivers should be required to take yearly physicals.

You need to have a yearly physical. You need to at least take the precaution that you are in the best health you can be, said Norton.

She hopes Scott recovers, and so does Bradshaw.

I feel very bad for her. I don't blame anybody, and I mean she couldn t help it, Bradshaw noted.

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