CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Campbell Stack and Sally Falls are both students at Alexander Graham Middle School.

Safe Place is when kids are having a problem at home or if they're homeless and they need a roof to stay under, a place to sleep, people to take care of them and food, they can go to a safe place, said Stack.

That Safe Place is at The Relatives, a crisis center for kids.

The Relatives will try to contact your parents and try to get your family back together, said Stack.

I see it as something that people can go to if they're having trouble or if they just need to talk about something, added Falls.

Alexander Graham Middle is the first Charlotte-Mecklenburg School to be designated as a Safe Place.

That's really big because I think it would be a lot easier to go to your school where you know your teachers and counselors, said Stack.

But there are other places around town designated as a Safe Place.

Where ever you see the sign, whether it's on the CATS buses, public library, our school, fire station, police stations, that someone in there is trained to be able to help students, help children find a safe place if they're in trouble, said Susan Billmire, School Counselor at Alexander Graham Middle.

It's really great because everyone gets in a sticky situation sometimes, said Falls.

And it s helping kids get out of that sticky situation that s the mission of Safe Place and Rachel s Challenge.

Rachel really wanted to spread kindness and reach out to everyone and I think it just ties right in there that we not only are reaching out to our own students here at the school, but we're reaching out to our community, said Billmire.
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