CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Fundraising event 24 Hours of Booty kicks off Friday evening, and the family of a little girl fighting cancer is inspired thanks to one team.

The Allie-gator team will help lead riders onto the course.

Allie Sadoff is just 8 years old. She said the cycling event has kept her focused on fun instead of her cancer fight.

Sadoff said not much has changed between her and big brother J since she was diagnosed with cancer last November.

Same old, same old, Allie said. The two enjoy pranking each other.

Yesterday I put a tennis ball under his pillow and it took him a long time to go to sleep, Sadoff said. He woke me up by pouring water on me yesterday.

Hats hide the hair missing since chemotherapy began. Her skinny legs struggle to pedal uphill.

But Allie doesn't really want to talk cancer. Understandably, her mom struggles with cancer talk, too. But get them talking about Allie s special role in this year s 24 Hours of Booty and the conversation flows.

When Allie was diagnosed there were a couple of things she wanted to do--finish second grade and ride in Booty because she remembered, mother Pam Sadoff said.

Allie's grandfather rode in the official cycling fundraiser of the Lance Armstrong foundation last year in honor of a friend. This year he's riding for his granddaughter on the team named for her.

It gives you an optimistic focal point. It s like a source of know people are out there is a source of hope for us and we wanted to be a part of it, Pam added.

But prepping for the bike ride hasn't slowed Allie's plans to prank her brother.

I put tape in (his chair) so that when he sits on his chair it sticks to him and he walks around with a piece of paper that says I stink on it, Allie said.

She's pretty proud of herself for that one. Her parents are just plain proud.

Allie created a special sundae at the Davidson Ben and Jerry's. The ice cream shop will donate proceeds from the sundae to Allie's cycling team through the end of this week.

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