CATAWBA, N.C. -- Former NASCAR driver Jeremy Mayfield puts his land, his home and many of his personal items up for auction.

The auction comes after his attorney accused him of not paying his hefty legal fees associated with his legal battle with NASCAR.

The Mayfields have held auctions several years in a row now, but none as large as this one.

As the auctioneer shouts and bidders signal, Mayfield spoke to NewsChannel 36, saying, This is all brand new furniture. We don't just sell stuff out of our house.

No, this is not a dire situation, said Mayfield's mother, Judy Gordon. Jeremy just has a lot of things and he wants to get rid of them.

Mayfield and his mother say Friday's auction has nothing to do with any outstanding legal bills.

I've paid Bill Diehl a lot of money. He knows I've paid him a lot of money, said Mayfield.

With smiles and a kind handshake, he greeted fans and signed autographs, but also kept a close eye on several key items up for bid.

Items like his 13,000-square-foot mansion, hundreds of acres of land, classic cars, dozens of guns and even jewelry.

Mayfield says he does it because, It's a lot of fun and it brings out the competitive drive in everyone as you can see.

No one can doubt the competitive aspect of a live auction. But Mayfield is selling some pretty personal items, according to his mother.

He loves this place, Gordon said about the Catawba County Farm with stables and a lake. He loves to be out in the country. He loves these animals. It'll be hard.

Mayfield's mother would not talk about Mayfield's legal bills.

We're going to settle the rest of mine and his little skirmish on the bill payment, Mayfield said. I mean, I like Bill a lot and I like John Geragos a lot and they know that everything is going to work out.

Hundreds of people turned out for the auction. It was expected to bring in millions of dollars.

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