CHARLOTTE, N.C. There is more proof that parents need to be concerned about teenagers sending sexually explicit text messages.

A new poll from the Associated Press and MTV shows a whopping 30% of young people surveyed said they'd taken part in some type of sexting.

The poll probably confirms many parents' fears.

There are codes like PIR and GNOC standing for parents in room and get naked on camera .

Those, along with racy R-rated photos, are what teens are texting and this new poll shows they're doing it a lot more often.

Of the more than 1,200 18 to 24 year-olds questioned, 27 percent said someone they knew sent them a message with sexual words, 18 percent had someone send them naked pictures or videos of themselves and eight percent sent pictures and video of someone else naked.

And this one is possibly the most disturbing: seven percent took part in web chats where someone else performed sexual activities.

You don't give a 16-year-old free reign over a car and say unlimited miles, unlimited gas, off you go. You inform them, no drinking and driving. Please don't have individuals I don't know in the car with you. The same can happen with the use of the phone or the computer, said Dr. Melinda Harper, psychologist.

School districts are aware of the sexting problem.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools require cell phones be turned off on the bus and during the school day.

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