YORK COUNTY, S.C. -- Officers rounded up 12 drug suspects all day Friday in a section of York known as The Valley.

The Valley is the area around Galilean Road and Hickory Lane. Police called the investigation Operation Fall Back .

A lot of people that be around here with it they don t live here they don t live around here so they bring chaos into our neighborhood, said Latoya Carter a resident.

York Police were joined in their efforts by the Sheriff Department and S.L.E.D.

The operation covered several months of investigation we were able to get all of these people on video selling drugs, said Chief Andy Robinson.

One of the people investigators arrested was 22-year-old Dontaria Jones. His mother was at work during the arrest and told us she was surprised.

I was shocked, shocked, because they didn't have anything on him, said Cheryl Hicks.

Police say they started the investigation because of neighborhood complaints.

A lot of the older people didn't feel comfortable going out sitting on their porches things like that, said Robinson.

Carter says the bust and the enforcement leading up to it bordered on harassment.

I don't sell drugs I work for a home health care agency, a lot of it is ridiculous but then again that's supposed to protect and serve. Some of it is necessary, but the way they have carried on today has been totally unnecessary, said Carter.

All totaled investigators are looking for 16 suspects on 46 drug warrants.

By Friday night 12 of the suspects were in custody.

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