CHARLOTTE, N.C.-- New troubles for a suspended Ballantyne doctor.

More women have come forward saying Dr. Paul Drago botched their plastic surgeries, leaving them disfigured and worse.

The lawsuits are piling up against the suspended doctor.

Former patientssay they believed his claims that he was a trained plastic surgeon.

He said he was the best, says one of the victims.

The lawsuits and the state medical board says he's not.

Obviously he didn't know what he was doing, says a former patient, showing pictures of her now misshapen abdomen.

This month, eleven more women filed suit against Drago, saying he lied about being a board certified plastic surgeon.

The lawsuits claims Drago was negligent, causing the women pain, permanent injury, scarring and disfigurement.

It's hideous, says one of the victims.

Drago was already facing lawsuits from ten other former patients.

In court documents filed just last week, one patient claims she even ended up in the hospital with a hematoma and bladder problems because of plastic surgery he performed.

Neither the plaintiffs or Paul Drago's attorney returned NewsChannel 36's calls for comment.

NewsChannel 36 has learned Drago s attorney filed a change of venue motion in several of these cases, which means he's trying to get them moved elsewhere.
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