CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Lots of little boys like trucks, and 5-year-old Caleb Johnson is no different.

Johnson loves to ride in his uncle s truck on Friday it s a big deal.

He s had a rough life. He s went through more than most adults went through, mother Amanda said.

At two, an MRI showed Caleb had a rare type of cancerous brain tumor.

You couldn t do a lot with him. He s missed out on a lot of things, his mom added.

Caleb has had dozens of seizures daily for years.

It's extremely hard as a mother to watch your child. You re supposed to take his pain away and you're helpless, you can't do anything for him, Amanda added.

The Tennessee family came to Charlotte's Levine Children s Hospital because doctors here are some of the only in the country that can perform the surgery to remove the tumor.

I m hoping now he ll have a chance at being normal because before wasn t a normal life, said Amanda.

The first thing Caleb asked post surgery?

He woke up and he looked up and said Can I ride in the big truck?

He is riding in the big truck all the way home to Tennessee.

It s amazing to take him home and him not have seizures, that s amazing, his mom said.

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