CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- It's a deal that sounds too good to be true.

The Good Neighbor Next Door program will save some lucky people tens of thousands of dollars off the price of their home.

Candice Barber got her dream home through the program. Her house in the Greirs Fork neighborhood in southwest Charlotte would have cost $145,000.

But Barber got it for just half of that, paying $72,000.

I walked in and everything in my being told me that this was the house for me, she said.

Barber qualified for the HUD program because she was a teacher at the time she bought her house.

Under the special deal, HUD assumes half the mortgage for teachers, police officers, paramedics and firefighters who will move into specially selected homes and agree to live there for three years or more.

The homes may be under foreclosure or in fragile neighborhoods.

Allen Duckworth is a loan officer with Fairway Independent Mortgage. He wants more civil servants to learn about the program and believes it s one of the best kept secrets around.

It's giving back to the neighborhood because it's putting someone in there who is stable and they will be there at least three years. They're not going to move out.

Candice has lived in her home since 2008. She says she may move as her family grows, but she knows the equity she s building will pay off in big ways.

To know I had roots and something stable to come home to, was incredibly important, she said

Often there are several people bidding on a specific home, and when that happens, Duckworth says the agency uses a lottery to determine the winner.

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