CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- All the rain we've had has made an awful lot of breeding grounds for bugs.

Mosquito experts say the number of mosquitoes has exploded. And getting rid of them is not easy.

A lot more breeding grounds than we ve ever had before, says Randy Peck, the owner of Charlotte s Mosquito Squad.

One of the wettest summers on record means one of the busiest for mosquitoes.

Peck adds, It has warmed up lately and with all this rain the mosquitoes have really exploded.

Erica Brinker loves playing with 16-month-old William in the front yard of their NoDa home. So this year they've hired the Mosquito Squad.

The new mom says, We just started this season and our main goal was to get rid of the mosquitoes so he could play outside we were just concerned he was just gonna get attacked.

The problem several of the Charlotte-area spraying companies NBC Charlotte talked to admit, the really heavy rain can wash away the spray.

Mother nature usually wins out so some of these torrential rains might have an effect, Peck said.

Companies often have a money-back guarantee, and say they're having to spray multiple times.

They're also reminding customers what you can do: make sure to get rid of any standing water in your yard.

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