CONCORD, N.C. -- With thousands of motorists expected to flood to the Concord area this week ahead of the Bank of America 500 race, North Carolina Highway Patrol is gearing up.

We'll have more than 150 troopers working this week, said First Sergeant Glenn Stokes, State Trooper of the North Carolina Highway Patrol, they will be in staggered shifts.

Hundreds of fans have already started arriving at the Motor Speedway in their recreational vehicles, including the Joyners who try to catch as many Sprint Cup races as possible.

We don't plan on doing much driving, we have everything we need right here, said Patrick Joyner, 69, a retired office manager who lives in Richmond Virginia with his wife.

We might if we just want to go to the mall or down to Charlotte, he said.

The Joyners towed their Chevy Trail Blazer with them to the Speedway behind their RV. The Joyners are staying at one of the RV lots near the Speedway so they are only a short walk to their seats.

They don't plan on navigating the streets of concord, but for others who will drive to the speedway to attend one or more of the events planned, traffic concerns are on the minds of most.

We say the most important thing is to come early enjoy your time. said Trooper Stokes. Stokes said that local drivers should use highways 49 and 29 to get to and from the Speedway.

Over the last few years, the North Carolina Highway Patrol reports that traffic congestion has gotten better. Highway Patrol said that along with the Department of Transportation, they constantly monitor traffic flows and make adjustments as needed to help with the flow of traffic.

Troopers said that drivers should follow trooper s directions especially when leaving the speedway because they have mapped out the best way to ensure shorter drive times for motorists.

Even though it might not be the exact way you came into the track a lot of times we send you the opposite way we bring you in remember this, all roads lead to 485, I-77 and I-85,
Trooper Stokes said.

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