GASTONCOUNTY, N.C. -- Life in prison without the possibility of parole is the sentence for a Gaston County man convicted of murdering his wheelchair-bound roommate.

The Gaston County Clerk's Office says Brian Hord, 33, entered a guilty plea on the charge of first-degree murder, and was sentenced to life without parole in connection with the death of 68-year-old Richard Gentry.

Hord's wife, Elizabeth, told police that Brian said he hit Gentry over the head with a hammer.

When Gastonia Police arrived at the apartment Brian and Gentry shared in late August, they found Gentry's body dismembered and stuffed into plastic bags.

Brian's estranged wife is the one who called 911. Elizabeth told NBCCharlotte that Brian had mentioned killing Gentry before, but that he hadn't gotten up the courage to do it.

Relatives of Brian Hord told NBCCharlotte that he suffered from mental illness, and there was a history of sexual abuse between Hord and the victim. That's what, they say, prompted Brian to snap .

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