CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- It is going to cost you more to park at Charlotte Douglas International Airport starting next month.

The airport says the added costs are to cover construction expenses and the cost of operating the parking program.

Curbside valet parking will increase the most, going up from $19 a day to $28 a day.

Parking in the daily garage will increase from $7 a day to $10 a day, and hourly parking will charge a maximum of $20 per day.

The hourly rates will not take effect until the new hourly parking deck is finished sometime in November.

While passengers might wince at the increases, most agree that parking at Charlotte Douglas is still a bargain.

Mike Flynn, who is from Boston said, Compared to other airports I've been in, it's reasonable.

Another frequent flier, Brian Bailey from Baltimore said, Ten dollars a day is much more inexpensive that Maryland where we pay fifteen dollars a day. If I come to Charlotte for three or four days, that could be very expensive.

The airport collected over $42 million from parking fees last year.

Part of that money goes to help keep costs down for the airlines, making Charlotte Douglas a more popular and profitable destination.

Construction is proceeding on the new hourly deck and passengers like Hayes Brown said it would be worth the extra cost to park there.

The deck is needed but construction is always a hassle but I look forward to the final product.

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