CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A DNA expert took the stand at the triple-murder trial of Justin Hurd as prosecutors prepare to wrap up their case in the trial that is now in its second week.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Detective Phil Rainwater spent most of the day on the stand.

He has been the lead investigator on the case since the night two bodies were discovered in a burning house on Patricia Ryan Drive.

Inside investigators found the bodies of Kevin Young, who had been stabbed in the throat and shot in the abdomen, and Kinshasa Wagstaff, whose throat was cut.

A few hours later, the body of Wagstaff's niece, Jasmine Hines was found outside of a car in Hunterville. She had been shot and doused with gasoline.

Investigators are trying to prove to the jury that Hurd and another man, Nate Sanders, committed the murders while attempting to rob or steal drugs from Young.

Sanders was later murdered that same year.

Investigators say they found DNA at both crime scenes that can be linked to Hurd.

Prosecutors say the DNA was found on the steering wheel of the car in Huntersville and on a water bottle found in the house on Patricia Ryan Drive.

Hurd could face the death penalty if he is convicted of the murders.

The prosecution is expected to complete its case to the jury tomorrow with the DNA evidence.

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