CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- New surveillance video shows a bold burglary at a Charlotte business.

The same Dilworth clothing store was hit twice in a matter of days, and the owner says he s had enough.

The business lost tens of thousands of dollars in the recent crimes, including merchandise and damage.

Revolution Clothing Company s owner Brandon Viebrock says the merchandise included designer jeans and high-end bags.

The video shows the suspects grabbing what they wanted, all in under a minute.

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He makes a move around the store. It seems like they case the joint and look around. They take what they take, and they are going in about 51 seconds, Viebrok says.

Employees want the pictures out there to get attention. They re concerned neighbors could be at risk too.

It was heartbreaking. This is our home. This is where we work, we look at it that way. it was devastating, sales associated Alyssa Pisani told NBC Charlotte.

The M.O. is reminiscent of crimes against other Dilworth boutiques years ago.

It was easy for them that first time. So they were much more bold this time because they were right on East blvd breaking in, Viebrock says.

The business owner adds he doesn t want thieves like this ruining local shops, and he asks everyone to be aware

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