INDIAN TRAIL, N.C. -- What started as a picturesque day quickly turned to panic as a car caught on fire and spread to the garage of a home in Indian Trail.

It happened shortly after noon Saturday on Long Nook Lane.

It looked like the car was on fire, just the whole car. And then it spread to the house, says neighbor Peter Mocete.

I saw the whole car exploding, so I ran to the front door, but I couldn't get in, says Miguel Cabrera, who went to help his neighbors as the fire started to spread.

Sandy Harmon was inside with her two children.

It was scary. I couldn't breathe when I got close, says Cabrera.

With smoke blanketing their view, Cabrera and Mocete quickly ran to help Harmon and her children get out of the house.

We were yelling, 'We gotta get some people out of the house,' says Mocete.

Cabrera says they were finally able to get everyone out of the back of the house.

They also were able to save the family's other car.

It took about 20 firefighters to get the flames under control before it could spread any further.

With the wind blowing and the hydrant where it's at, if it had a little more prolonged time, more of the house could have burnt, says Chief Bryan Kindley with the Stallings Fire Department.

Tate Harmon got home shortly after the fire was put out.

Despite the pain of seeing what happened to his home, he was still overjoyed he could hug his wife and children, thanks to his neighbors.

The most important thing is the kids. The house, it's important. But just get the kids out, says Cabrera.

The family says they recently had some wiring work done on the car and that may have contributed to the cause of the fire.

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