CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The Mecklenburg County Department of Social Services previously investigated claims of abuse against a 3-year-old boy, who was severely beaten this week.

In a statement made Thursday, the county says Youth Family Services first made contact with Shamika Reaves on March 10. Officials opened the investigation after learning of an alleged sexual assault against the boy committed by another child two months prior, the county says.

Reaves was living in a home at the time with another mother and her children. Officials went to the home where Reaves was said to be staying but they were unable to locate her.

Contact with Reaves was sporadic over the next week, as officials say she was difficult to contact by phone and refused to provide a permanent address. Reaves also failed to appear for scheduled meetings with YFS, the statement says.

Reaves and her son finally appeared for a meeting on March 17, along with her boyfriend Corey McCree.

Investigators say the boy gave contradictory statements regarding the allegations against the other woman s child, and they were unable to reach any conclusions based on interviews with Reaves and McCree. Reaves reportedly scheduled a forensic evaluation for her son on April 7 but did not appear.

Since, officials say Reaves phone number was disconnected and they were unable to locate her until this week s incident.

Reaves and McCree now both face abuse charges. McCree is also accused of sexually assaulting the boy, who is in critical condition.

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