CHESTER COUNTY, S.C. -- About 1700 jobs are heading to Chester County through the Giti Tire company, but the process for those jobs to be available will take some time.

Marcus Murphy has been unemployed for two years, and says he can t wait much longer to find work because he supports his 5-year-old daughter.

Yeah, but...this is home, Murphy said, Why do I have to leave home just to get something? Why can't they be everywhere? Why can't we have jobs closer to us?

Murphy says the Giti job announcement is a dream come true, but York Technical College, who's teaming up with Giti for the hiring process, says it won't happen overnight.

When we talk about how long it will take to actually train employees, it will depend a great deal on what they're already bringing to the table, said President Greg Rutherford.

ReadySC will take the resources at York and custom design a training program for Giti. While that takes place, the college will be doing the recruiting for virtually all 1700 positions.

We will be putting out advertisements about training classes, pre-employment classes and opportunities for people to make applications which they can do as early as this fall, Rutherford said.

Those applications will be available on the ReadySC website. Rutherford expects construction on the Giti plant to start before the end of the year and for it to be fully operational by late 2015 or early 2016.

At least they're coming, Murphy said, That's the best part; I can smile and say hey, at least we've got something coming towards us.

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