CHARLOTTE, N.C. The Transportation Security Administration is sharing new details into the stunning security breach that appears to have occurred at Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

Specifically, the TSA is offering new details on how a stowed away teenager might have gotten on the plane.

It sounded simply unbelievable, even to investigators.

When we started out in the beginning, believe me this was not something we were even contemplating, said Norfolk County District Attorney William Keating.

The mystery began with a Charlotte high school student found dead on a Boston street, his body so badly broken even seasoned homicide detectives couldn't figure it out. Now there is mounting physical evidence Delvonte Tisdale likely fell from the sky.

It appears more likely than not Tisdale was able to breach airport security and hide in wheel well of a commercial jet airliner without being detected by airport security personnel, Keating said.

In a statement emailed to NewsChannel 36 Monday afternoon, a TSA spokesman says airports have to follow strict TSA procedures that restrict access to secure areas. The email goes on to say the airport is responsible for perimeter and access control and there will be a thorough, joint investigation between the airport and TSA.

There s a great concern with all our efforts with security... that something like this could happen obviously causes great concern, Keating said.

The Massachusetts prosecutor says he had to call that Friday news conference calling the incident a major security breach.

What they have done, I don't know and that's one of the reasons frankly that I wanted to go forward, said Keating.

Late Monday afternoonNewsChannel 36 received a press release from the airport.

In it, a spokeswoman confirms Massachusetts investigators were at the airport Dec. 3 but says the airport didn't know investigators believed Tisdale stowed away on the plane until the Friday news conference with the prosecutor.

The airport spokeswoman also said they just learned today about the TSA investigation.

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