CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The Democratic Party didn't just think Charlotte would be a nice place to hold the 2012 nominating convention. On Wednesday the city released a copy of the contract the city signed and the promises it made to win the convention.

Money usually tops any list and Charlotte agreed to raise $36 million in private contributions. Will Miller of Charlotte 2012, the group that lobbied for the convention, said he did not believe that would be a problem.

Document: Download the contract (PDF)

We've got a sitting president and I think history has shown that it is easier to raise money for a president than it is for a convention to choose a candidate, Miller said.

Under the contract the city is obligated to provide security, transportation, volunteers and space for the thousands of journalists who will descend on the city for the convention that begins Sept. 3, 2012.

Charlotte is obligated to provide 50 vehicles for a year, fuel, parking and drivers, and 350 vehicles during convention week.

As for volunteers, the city is obligated to provide 500 volunteers two months before the convention and 7,000 volunteers the actual week of the convention.

The city is very well protected in this deal, said Mayor Anthony Foxx. He promised in the coming days to go into detail about how the city would meet its hefty obligations.

Foxx said, In terms of cash outlays, I think the citizens of this city will be very pleased with how this deal is structured.

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