CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- People in a Steele Creek neighborhood are fed up with a dangerous four-way intersection, and they're asking NewsChannel 36 for help. They're hoping for a long overdue stoplight at the intersection of Steele Creek and Sam Neely Roads.

Alyson Siczek says she and her husband moved to Planters Walk to start their new life.

We were hoping to start a family, she says. We were here eight or nine months and then I had little monkey.

That little monkey would be two-year-old Alex, who spent Friday morning tooling around the living room in his plastic car, honking the horn.

Say that s what my mommy does when we get on Steele Creek, beep beep! Siczek coaches her son.

She doesn't quite love getting behind the wheel as much as Alex because of what she faces just trying to get out of their neighborhood the busy road and a four way intersection with no light.

Most times I try not to leave during rush hour because we have so many businesses, 18-wheelers then all traffic from our subdivision and the one across the street, she explains.

That translates to a lot of backups, and very little patience.

People do not want to wait their turn, Siczek says.

That translates to accidents, she s personally seen four in just four months. The Department of Transportation says there have been 16 wrecks in five years.

Siczek says when the family first moved to Planters Walk four years ago they were told a stoplight would be in by 2008. The DOT says that s what they were aiming for but they have had a hard time getting the $350,000 it will take to make it happen.

Here it is well over two years later and it is still not up, Siczek says. It s always like, it s going to come, it s going to come.

A spokeswoman for the DOT says the plan now is to have it in place this summer.

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