CATAWBA COUNTY, N.C. When you pick up on 911 you have no idea what you re going to have, said Tammy Saunders.

That's why it s hard to freak out or even surprise the 26-year veteran dispatcher. But the call she received early Monday morning from 19-year-old Michael Anderson was different.

During part of the call you hear her say, I m going to get some help out there for you, alright?

Anderson says: Oh and uh, I did some things... don t want them to see.

I ve had some calls like this, nothing this grisly, this gruesome and the gentleman was just so calm, it was really eerie, Saunders told us. I ve never had anyone that calm.

He remained calm while apparently confessing to the bizarre murder of his roommate -- including using an axe.

On the 911 call you can hear Anderson describe the killing.

I waited until he was asleep and then... shot him 3 times... I m sorry, he said.

Saunders says she was surprised at how polite the teen was during the call.

I m sorry for ruining your night... I m sorry to ruin your night, he says on the call.

I ve never had anybody apologize for ruining my night, Saunders said.

But most surprising, she says, was when he told her he'd left the axe in his roommate s body.

At the end when he talked about where the ax was...that was the worst part of the call, that's what got me, she said.

She's having a hard time forgetting.

I ve had some really strange calls... but this is the worst one I have taken in 26 years, and I don't ever want to take another one.

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