UNION COUNTY, N.C. -- Rising fuel prices have prompted a garbage company to add a two dollar surcharge to cover fuel expenses.

God Bless the USA residential trash service hauls garbage from 4,100 homes in Weddington, Wesley Chapel, Waxhaw, Marvin and Sun City Carolina Lakes.

The owner says diesel prices, currently around $3.80 a gallon, prompted the surcharge.

He hopes to rescind it when fuel prices go down.

NewsChannel 36 crews had a hard time keeping up with Chris Stover as he hauled garbage for the company Monday afternoon.

He works fast, traveling up and down streets in Providence Downs and Hunter Oaks. But all of that starting, stopping and idling he puts the truck through on its route eats diesel.

Around $100, is how much Stover says it costs to fill up the garbage truck.

It lasts about eight hours, he said.

God Bless the USA residential trash service didn't want to raise garbage fees, but the cost of doing business is up.

Customers just got a notice of the new fee; a two dollar surcharge every three months to help pay for fuel.

It figures, said Hunter Oaks customer Anita Gimon. There's not a whole lot you can do, you have to have your garbage collection. You can't blame businesses like your garbage company.

The same time Stover was hauling garbage, God Bless the USA's owner was in Columbia, S.C. buying two natural gas trucks.

He says it costs more up front to buy the trucks, but he'll pay around $1.60 a gallon with natural gas compared to the $3.80 he's tired of paying now, plus save on fuel taxes.

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