CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Mecklenburg County Board of Commissioners voted Tuesday night to finalize a plan extending the Charlotte Knights' lease of county property in uptown's Third Ward. The Knight's leased the parcel years ago, but because of economics, lawsuits, and other variables, have yet to start construction. Now they're expected to break ground next year.

That is unless Jerry Reese has his way, again.

Reese has filed numerous lawsuits over the years to stop the building of an uptown minor league baseball stadium. Tuesday night he told commissioners he would sue again, on grounds that the county had no justification to extend the lease.

The Knights have had four years to perform under the lease and they haven't done anything, he told NewsChannel 36. Much of that time, the county and the team were embroiled in lawsuits with Reese.

Reese was the lone person to speak out against the project at Tuesday's commission meeting.

I'm the lone person that opposes this project, yes, he said.

Reese said the public would agree with him if they understood the issue better. He hopes that a major league team will come to Charlotte and said building a new minor league stadium would discourage that.

NewsChannel 36 anchor Ben Thompson asked if he was ever going to give up the fight.

I don't plan on giving up. That should be obvious to people now, he said.

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