CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Police are targeting a south Charlotte apartment complex after a rash of recent break-ins.

Records show five apartments have been broken into at the Johnston Creek Crossing Apartment Homes in just over the last month.

The break-ins occur when renters aren t home and burglars smash back bedroom windows to gain entrance.

Once inside, they steal things like televisions, computers, video games and tools and walk out the front door. One police report shows a man had nearly $4,000 worth of items stolen.

My front door was unlocked. It was closed but when I put the key in the door I realized it was not locked, said a female burglary victim who lives at Johnston Creek but didn t want to be identified.

When I walked into my living room I noticed my television stand had been pulled away from the wall and my 40 inch television was gone. Everything that was plugged into the television had been unplugged, all of the other electronics, she said.

Thursday, that victim said she was moving from her first floor apartment to a unit on a higher floor specifically because of the break-in.

At least that way I know they can't get in through the window. There's only one way in and out and it will make me feel more secure, she said.

Police say it's possible the Johnston Creek Crossing burglars double as tenants, but they aren't sure.

For now, there are no suspects and no arrests.

The victim who had $800 worth of electronics stolen says she found one item in the storage closet of a nearby vacant apartment. Add it up and she thinks the criminals could live here, or at least be very familiar with the apartments.

It may be someone who is watching or possibly a previous tenant that knows the schedules of the people in the buildings they're breaking into, she said.

Police say they re canvassing the area, leaving crime fighting flyers and encouraging neighbors to call 911 if they see anything suspicious.

Police are also talking to neighbors in the apartment complex next door since the two are so close, and they plan to use Segways to cover more ground.

Apartment officials did not comment.

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