CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Burglary investigators with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department are working an unusual case involving stolen Nike Air Jordan sneakers. But the case does not involve just one pair.

Bryant Toala, 22, has been collecting Air Jordan shoes since he was in middle school. On Monday night, police say burglars broke into his home on Mapleridge Drive and stole Toala s entire collection 30 pairs of shoes.

The angry young man showed NewsChannel 36 where his shoes were hidden. He said they were all in boxes, and the thieves took every box.

In addition, Toala told police that his baseball hats were stolen as well. The hats matched the shoes.

I was (upset), he said. All that hard work to get them, getting in all those lines.

Police said that Toala s father was at work during the break-in and before he left, he locked his dog, a large pit-bull boxer mix, in the garage. The burglars came in through the bedroom window.

Police have no idea about who may have committed the crime, but Toala says he could be out more than $10,000 worth of shoes.

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