CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- She spoke to thousands of people across Charlotte when she co-hosted one of the city's most popular morning radio shows.

Janine Davis is no longer on the radio. Instead she's doing what many would call life-changing outreach work.

She founded a group called Girl Talk and now Davis is influencing the lives of hundreds of teens.

Girl Talk just kind of grew out of a need and I've been here for 10 years doing this, Davis said.

Mentor, motivator and creator of a program designed to help young ladies was not what Davis envisioned more than a decade ago.

I'm supposed to be an actress in Hollywood. That's what I wanted to do, added Davis.

Davis studied journalism and found her way behind the microphone of Charlotte's hottest radio show, The Morning Madhouse with No Limit Larry.

Radio really led me to this because I was already interacting with a lot of young people because I saw their need, she said.

It was during her 16-year run as the Diva with the Dirt that her inner desire to make a difference led her to something else.

Girl Talk is a non-profit organization geared towards improving the lives of girls.

I do believe that it was divine intervention, because I didn't start out wanting to do this, Davis said.

Since 2003 Girl Talk has helped more than 4,300 young ladies build self esteem and teach them leadership skills.

Another part of Girl Talk is a prom project that gives hundreds of young ladies the chance to enjoy one of the biggest days in their young life, complete with prom dresses and all the accessories worth more than most families could ever afford. All donated free to the foundation.

Just helping people giving back and being part of the solution, Davis added.

Davis does this all while teaching the ladies about etiquette and image-building tools.

It's heartwarming, it's satisfying and it's gratifying. It's like okay, this is why I'm doing this, she said.

Davis says she is working to expand Girl Talk to other states and even outside of the country.

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