HICKORY, N.C. A Hickory couple is planning a trip to Las Vegas after winning the North Carolina lottery recently.

Rick and Mary Hollar won the Cash Blowout lottery recently when Mary, an accountant for a local car dealership, scratched off the winning ticket at her home. She immediately texted her husband to share the news.

It hasn t sunk in, Mary said in a statement. Until I see it in my account, and it will be like Wow, it s real. We are going to enjoy life and be debt-free.

The Hollar's chose a $600,000 lump sum of the money, instead of an annuity. The after-tax value of the winnings is $408,006.

Mary said she purchased the ticket at Smoker Friendly on 29th Avenue in Hickory.

The couple said they are planning a trip to Las Vegas as well as paying off their mortgage and buying two new cars.

We re still going to work and everything else, Mary added. We re going to help friends and family and have a comfortable life.

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