CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- It's the movie everyone is talking about. When The Hunger Games hits theaters on Friday, three Charlotte sisters will be in the audience to watch the stars and themselves on the big screen.

Billy, Currie and Cape Murch Elliot have never acted before. But the sisters were wild about the book and decided to answer a casting call when Hunger Games' producers came to Charlotte.

It was a strong character who was easy to relate to, said 18-year-old Currie Murch Elliot about the movie star s character Katniss .

It was amazing to watch my favorite book come to life, she said of her experience on the movie set.

The Murch Elliot sisters swim year round at SwimMac. Their practices are rigorous, leaving little time for anything else. But the sisters enjoyed the books so much; they decided to try out for small character roles in the movie.

When they went to their auditions, the producers asked them the one question they could answer easily. Are you fans? It was a perfect question. The sisters have a YouTube video and have read all of the books.

One sister was even named Fan of the Week in an on line contest. The girls all submitted pictures and bios too. So did their mom, Laurie. Within a few days, the girls got the call that thousands had dreamed of. Each of them made the movie, and so did their mother.

I was like, 'is this real? Is this really happening? , said Cape.

You kind of had to look like you were dying that day, said 14-year-old Cape of her experiences on the set during some of the movie's scenes.

It was insane because you can't imagine what it's going to be like, said Billy. She says she doesn't want to pursue acting, but considers the role she played one of the highlights of her teenage years.

The girls play reaping kids, children who might get chosen to fight to the death. They also play Avox's, children who have been tortured and can't speak. They are seen near Jennifer Lawrence who stars in the film.

They've already seen themselves on TV in movie trailers.

Whenever the trailer comes on, we're like, 'shh. You've got to watch, you've got to watch, said Currie Murch Elliot.

They plan to show up at the movie theater like everyone else on Friday, tickets in hand.

But we're going to get dressed up, said Billy Murch Elliot. We'll get all dressed up in shirts that say, 'I was in the Hunger Games or I survived the reaping , Currie laughed.

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