CHARLOTTE, N.C. --A fire that broke out at an apartment complex in northeast Charlotte Tuesday morning displaced about 24 people.

The two-alarm fire began around 10 a.m. in the 6300 block of Elgywood Lane near North Tryon Street and thick black smoke was seen from hundreds of yards away from the two-story apartment complex.

As I walked past the window I (saw) the fire, so I eventually ran to the front and the maintenance man was coming down, too, said witness Calla Reid. Right after that, I heard an explosion from the stove.

Reid then knocked on two apartments to tell her neighbors to get out of their homes. One apartment Reid warned was where 13-year-old Nejelica Miller was, and she was the only one at home.

It was really scary, said Miller.

No one was hurt in the fire. In all, one unit was destroyed by flames two others by smoke and water. The entire building, which has six units, now has no electricity and is no longer livable.

Neighbors like Miller call Reid and the firefighters heroes.

Yeah, she saved me, said Miller with a smile as she spoke to her mother on the phone.

The Red Cross said six apartments were damaged in the fire, and roughly 24 people are getting assistance from the group.

The Charlotte Fire Department says the damage estimate stands at $200,000, originated in the kitchen and was started accidentally.

The American Red Cross says it has volunteers on scene to help with the multiple families affected by the fire.

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