CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Facebook has apologized for removing photos a local mom said she posted of her 7-year-old son at a Special Olympics event last week.

A spokesperson for Facebook said the photos were removed in error.

The photo was was taken down in error, a Facebook spokeperson said via e-mail. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and we hope she'll repost the photo and continue to share her son's experience at the Special Olympics on Facebook.

The e-mail also stated Facebook is a supporter of free expression and are proud of the numerous Special Olympics and Down Syndrome pages and groups on Facebook.

Diana Cornwell uploaded 40 pictures to Facebook of her 7-year-old son -- who has Down Syndrome -- taking part in the Special Olympics last weekend.

Soon after that she got a message from Facebook saying the pictures violate Facebook rules and need to be removed.

Cornwell says when she logged on to see the pictures, a Facebook message said to keep her account active she had to remove pictures that contain hate speech, support for violent organizations or threats to harm others.

Remove boxes were next to every picture she uploaded.

She removed one just to see what would happen, then got a Facebook message thanking her for removing pictures that violate Facebook terms.

She says there wasn't anything the least bit offensive.

More than 300 Facebook fans weighed in on this topic:

I would reset my privacy settings don't allow public to see your Facebook. Only people you know, one viewer said.

How do pics of a disabled boy violate FB policies? I've seen pictures that are almost obscene and they didn't say anything, a second viewer said.

More than likely this was just a simple misunderstanding. There are over 3 billion posts on Facebook daily so this is bound to happen from time to time, a third viewer said.

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