CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Business will be booming for some Charlotte restaurants when the democrats come to town.

One of the newest in town is also the hottest, and they're expecting big crowds.

It was peaceful Wednesday in the kitchen at 5 Church for now.

Maybe a little nervous, not freaking out because I think we have a pretty good plan in place, said executive chef Jamie Lynch.

With the Democratic National Convention just weeks away, the chef is testing out desserts. He's also figuring out how much he'll need of everything on the menu.

We ll probably be quadrupling-plus our orders, Lynch said.

The restaurant's operating partner is, well, ordering lots of drinks.

We started ordering our alcohol three weeks ago, Patrick Whalen said.

5 Church opened in May but they have been prepping for the DNC for more than a year.

This is a once in a lifetime thing for the city of Charlotte. We want to make the most of it and maximize our time during it, Whalen added.

Between private parties and extended hours, they are expecting long days, and they re looking forward to it.

We basically told the staff we re going to be living here for a few days and make the most of it, Whalen said.

Charlotte s never going to see something like this again, Lynch noted. It s a phenomenon for us, so for us to be involved in it and opening at the time we did and get to be a part of it it is huge.

A few blocks away at the 7th Street Marketplace, meanwhile, the people who run it have spent weeks planning to make sure all the vendors will know where to park and which security checkpoint to use.

Today is our final run through in working through all the details, making sure everybody is on point. They know what they need to do, said Robert Krumbine.

Scott Harris is the owner of Viva Raw, one of the shops inside the marketplace.

I m not expecting too much of a problem. There will be a little bit of a wait at the security checkpoint, but I m not expecting it to be too much of an inconvenience, Harris said.

Harris said he will have to do some middle of the night shelf stocking, but he and the other business owners say it will be worth it.

I think we do have a lot to offer and it will be just a really good chance to showcase that, he added.

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