CHARLOTTE, N.C.--The stage is set for the biggest security operation the city of Charlotte has ever seen. And on Saturday the U.S. Secret Service gave the media a one-time glimpse of how it will protect the thousands of visitors, media and politicians who are now descending on the Queen city.

Right now we're in the Multi Agencey Communication Center, or MA CC as it's called, said Department of Homeland Security member Derek Verdeyen, as he lead a throng of reporters through the facility.

This is a collaborative effort where we're fusing information with our local, federal and state partners. This is not intended to change or undermine the local command posts that we have, he said.

With 90 work stations, in a massive communication center, agents will monitor video walls with pictures from the air and the ground. Members of the media had to agree not to disclose the location of the security headquarters.

What we're doing is enhancing all of the communicating capabilities within the city and county, said Homeland Security agent Russell Nelson.

So depending on what the incident is, you can bring up video feeds and everyone can look at the same thing and discuss the same thing together, he said.

As the Secret Service conducted its media tour, Charlotte Mecklenburg Police welcomed an undisclosed number of additional officers from around the country. Their job: to join forces with CMPD and provide extra security for the DNC.

We can tell you they stretch from across the country from as far away as Texas to the New England area, said Major Jeff Estes of CMPD.

The department won't say how many additional officers are here, but NewsChannel 36 saw busloads of officers, many still unpacking and unloading luggage and getting assignments. CMPD did confirm that other officers are arriving by plane.

People can expect to see different colored patches and uniforms from all over the place and in all areas of the venue, said Estes.

CMPD officers will still be responsible for patrolling Charlotte neighborhoods that aren't in the DNC activity zone.

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