CHARLOTTE, N.C. The Democratic National Convention is made to look a certain way on television and for the entire world to see. But roaming around the concourses and media suite areas in Time Warner Cable Arena, you see some interesting things.

The Concourse

Most notable walking around the main concourse is how packed it is everywhere you go. There s little to no room to walk around, and it doesn t help when media outlets tape interviews in the middle of the concourse walkway.

The Daily Show correspondents Jason Jones and Samantha Bee drew a crowd as they taped interviews on the concourse area throughout the evening.

The Food

Everyone who tried to get food inside the arena Tuesday probably has the same story it took forever. Eaters waited in line at least 15 minutes on average a number the Bobcats haven t seen in years. I overheard one concessions worker say she had been working at the arena since 5 a.m. Certainly the rain kept delegates and other visitors from venturing outside, but still, it could be even worse Wednesday, and do they even have the ability to stock the concessions on Thursday if weather moves the convention away from Bank of America Stadium?

At one concession stand crews were running out of food. By 9:30, BBQ pork sandwiches were gone the lone North Carolina native food on the menu. But hey, you could still buy some Bojangles chicken.

The Fox News security

The NewsChannel 36 suite is just feet away from the massive suite for Fox News. It s hard not to miss their security personnel. Fox News has security guards outside their suite doors 24-7, it seems--far more intense than any other outlet I ve seen.

We re located between BET s suite and NBC News suite where Brian Williams broadcasts Nightly News, both of which have zero security guards.

Why so serious?


- A Charlotte Fire Department worker playing online poker on his iPad.

- Lots, and lots, and lots of people at the designated cell phone charging station areas.

- Dave Wagner doing a fake interview with Larry Sprinkle, using a lint roller as the microphone.

- Arkansas delegates--finally. Delegates from that state showed up well after the gavel dropped at 5 p.m. It was hardly noticable, though, since their placement is one of the furthest away from the podium.

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