CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Cancer donations intended for children were allegedly stolen by a mother in broad daylight. Security video shows the woman holding a child in her arms during the heist.

Video from the Mr. Quick restaurant in west Charlotte shows the woman apparently using the boy as a shield so customers can't see what she's doing. She never noticed the camera above, capturing her every move on video.

I mean, steal from anyone really, but steal from children? said restaurant co-owner Sally Russell.

The video shows a woman, with a child in her arms, stealing quarters off a cancer research donation card.

She just took all the quarters out of here and we almost had it full, said Russell.

The restaurant draws long-time customers who can't believe the story. Rick Stancil says it's a shame anyone would steal from people like the Russells, who he describes as honest as the day is long.

For somebody to go in there and steal quarters -- and it's for kids anyway. That s just wrong, Stancil said.

Rollie Walker used to live nearby. Years later he still drives out of his way for a Mr. Quick hotdog.

Leave the money there for the kids that need it. ... I got some money. I'll give it to you myself, Walker said.

The Russells have been collecting money for leukemia and lymphoma research, as well as senior citizens, since they opened 38 years ago.

Sally Russell says in all that time, something like this has never ever happened before.

The donation card has small slots where good Samaritans can place quarters or silver dollars. The woman tore each quarter out of its place. She took the money and left the card so damaged it can't accept more donations.

It hurts. It hurts down deep, said Russell.

The woman stole $8 in quarters.

Just $8. If she would have asked I would have given her $8 instead of her stealing $8, said Russell.

The Russells are making a check to the cancer society for $50 anyway. They say it's not worth calling police over the crime, but they hope this customer comes clean and finds somewhere else to eat lunch.

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