CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- There aren't a lot of kids who have the discipline to start their day with inspections and drills. But that s how students at Marie G. Davis Military and Global Leadership Academy start every day.

The military has been in our family, It s kind of in our DNA, said senior Peter Agud.

Agud hopes to attend the Citadel in the fall.

For other people I can see how this is too structured, but to know the actual world is going to be structured, this is a good way to get us ready for the real world, he said.

But the CMS school, with so much tradition and protocol, now has a new mission: to recreate its image. Administrators want more students and families to understand what the school offers.

Unfortunately a lot of parents hear the word military and assume we're a boot camp for poorly behaved students, which isn't what we are at all, said assistant principal Ann Laszewski.

Laszewski points to the fact that the school is the only public school in North Carolina to offer Arabic to all grades. The magnet program focuses on global studies and has an emphasis on leadership and service.

Kavona Evans admits she didn't choose the magnet school, her mother did. But the high school sophomore says in this was right! She too hopes to attend a military college when she graduates from Marie G. Davis.

I found myself, found out who i really am, and found I had leadership skills that I didn't know I had, said Evans.

The CMS Magnet Fair will be held Saturday, January 12 from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. at Phillip O. Berry Academy. The school is located at 1430 Alleghany Street.

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