OHIO -- An Ohio bartender was fired for calling the police after a drunk customer decided to get behind the wheel.

Twyla Devito, a bartender at an American Legion Post says when she noticed a regular customer who had been drinking heavily had left the bar, she called police to warn them that he was in no shape to drive.

Police caught up to the man and arrested him with a blood alcohol level of 0.167.

Two days later, Devito got a call from her boss.

He said, 'I'm gonna have to fire you because it's bad for business to have a bartender that will call the cops,' Devito said.

The commander of the American Legion Post says while Devito may have done the right thing morally, she didn't do the right thing for his business. He says if his customers had to worry about police waiting for them when they left, he'd have no customers.

Still, Devito says she would make the same choice again.
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