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CHARLOTTE, N.C. Volunteers are making life much easier for the family of a premature baby girl who was born in Michigan.

Three-month-old Brianna and two of her nurses arrived at Charlotte Douglas Airport Saturday thanks to LifeLine Pilots.

The volunteer organization helps to transport patients free of charge. The coordinator tells NBC Charlotte, in December -- Brianna s mother was visiting friends in Detroit when she went into labor.

Although the fighting-five-pound infant was born in Detroit, the Queen City is her home.

Mom and Brianna have been in Michigan every since her birth with no practical way of coming home.

Saturday, LifeLine Pilots helped to bridge the gap making it possible for Brianna and her family to reunite under their roof.

The pilot volunteers transported Brianna and two of her nurses to Charlotte. Because of their efforts Brianna was able avoid traveling the long distance home in a car.

Officials with the organization said Brianna s mother and father will receive training on how to care for Brianna at home.

LifeLine Pilots will also transport the nurses who aided in the trip back home to Detroit.

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