CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- It's tax day and if you haven't filed yet, you still have some options left in Charlotte. Local post offices are buzzing with all those last minute filers.

The post office on North McDowell Street is open until 7 p.m., two hours later than normal hours.

In the past, the office was open unil midnight on tax day. The Postal Service says with so many people filing online, all those additional hours weren't necessary this year.

NBC Charlotte caught up with several folks who were waiting in line to file today. It seems everyone has a different reason for filing last minute.

I owed, I owed, I owed. So I needed to wait as long as I could I felt like, said Robin Sabates. Kara Ontiverso said this was the first year she filed without her parent's help.

I tried to file online and they said there was a little problem, so they said I had to print it out and mail it, she said.

However, while the whys might be different, nearly everyone said they felt the collective relief.

So, I'm sort of nervous and anxious, so when I walk out of here I'll be relieved and crossing my fingers that everything is OK, said Ontiverso.

Very relieved. I'm ready for a nice day now, agreed Sabates.

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