FORT MILL, S.C. -- A Fort Mill contractor is being credited with helping put the men who stole his building materials behind bars.

Chris Davis, owner of Paramount Exteriors, said three weeks after planting a GPS device, he was notified it was on the move.

He wrapped the device in paper towel, using gorilla glue to secure it inside a roll of a rain barrier.

The alert showed the suspects were near Kennell Drive and Fairntosh Lane in Fort Mill Thursday evening.

From his home Davis quickly met with a deputy at the construction site.

The materials were for the construction of the new Legacy Apartments near Gold Hill and Pleasant Roads.

When it started binging, they picked me up and we intercepted it. I saw it turn left, turn right, and boom took us right to them, he said.

Davis and the deputy spotted the 1997 Black Ford 250 with the stolen materials inside near Shadow Lawn Court at Killburn Lane.

The thieves loaded eight rolls of Henry Eaveguard water barrier, 1.5 boxes of Ventsure Ridge Vents, and 30 bundles of roofing shingles, onto the bed of the pick-up.

York County Sheriff's Detective arrested, Earnest Bouchard, 46, and Jusheem Broadhead, 35, both residents of Charlotte.

Davis knew to look for a pick-up truck because of the hunting deer cameras he installed on site captured the men on a previous hit. He says thieves targeted him on five separate occasions, making 15 to 20 trips in the pick-up truck.

(It s) very frustrating. One time they got me three nights in a row. Then I had a picture but couldn't get a plate number. That's when I finally went to the GPS, said Davis.

The York County Anti-Crime Team conducted surveillance near the site after the first initial reports. When conventional investigative tactics didn t seem to work, a detective working the case suggested Davis buy a GPS and subscribe to the monitoring service.

At that point Davis had lost tens of thousands of dollars worth of roofing supplies. He only wished he had installed it sooner. He plans to make it a routine part of his loss-prevention plans.

We don't play no games. We ll get yah, said Davis.

Davis says monitoring who goes in and out of high-traffic construction sites is challenging. He adds, securing such building materials can be difficult at times, thus making sites an easy target.

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