CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- From the NASCAR track to the road and the pool. Driver Josh Wise is not only training for triathlons but the greatest level of those, the Ironman.

The excitement I get from it is a lot like racing a car, says NASCAR Cup driver Josh Wise. Where mentally and physically you're just completely exhausted but you're trying to push through.

Says Wise, As a race car driver, I try to make everything a competition. It's just grown into setting kind of ridiculous goals.

Not only is Wise training to compete, but he wants to win. He finds some of those driving skills can translate over to his new training.

It's like a pit stop every time you transition from each sport, says Wise. You're changing clothes, shoes, and your bike gear and stuff like that.

This is no easy feat. NASCAR driving is demanding enough, but the training for this athletic event is equally as challenging.

Says Wise, It's not an ideal to go train for 5-6 hours a day and then jump in a hot race car on Friday and stay cooped up in a heat box all day.

Wise certainly thinks this training helps him on the track as well.

It's all high heart rate stuff which is what we experience in the car.

Like anything in life, it's definitely a big balancing act from his career on the track to his new found addiction.

Says Wise, Whatever you got to do to squeeze in the mileage is what you have to do. But it makes for really busy weeks.

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