CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The latest chapter in Charlotte s airport saga opened Tuesday afternoon.

A flurry of court documents were filed as a judge nears a decision on who will control Charlotte Douglas.

The City of Charlotte asks the courts to declare the legislation that created an airport unconstitutional. A judge granted a temporary restraining order in regards to the initial law that first created an authority. That case was set to be heard in court Thursday.

The new motions filed Tuesday ask for a permanent order declaring the new law, which creates a commission but leave the airport ownership with the city, unconstitutional. The documents say an airport commission jeopardizes the organization and its relationships with local businesses like U.S. Airways. The new documents add the law violates FAA procedure.

Attorney Richard Vinroot held a press conference regarding the developments, as representative for the new commission. Vinroot enforced the idea there is no change of power with the commission. It simply creates a new power to operate underneath the city. He adds he doesn t believe it violates any FAA protocol. Vinroot implied at the press conference the commission will not likely file a response, and they ll let the battle play out in court.

Former airport director Jerry Orr was not present at the press conference.

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